Local Walks

As Shaldon is so well located, there are plenty of beautiful walks to choose from! Ranging from beach front saunters, scenic hilly strolls or even hikes on the Moors. Listed below are five of our tried and true favourites.


Shaldon to Maidencombe

Shaldon to Maidencombe is a 3 mile hilly walk with most opting to go there and back making it 6 miles. For those who don’t fancy the trek back there is a bus you can catch from the top of Maidencombe. We guarantee jaw dropping views on this walk, as great as anywhere in the UK! You’ll need appropriate footwear and a few hours. The amazing Cafe Rio awaits for a feed and a coffee before you return back.

Shaldon to Torquay

Like the Shaldon to Maidencombe walk this is an incredibly scenic walk. Only there is more. Which also means there are more rolling hills, 10 miles of them. We only recommended walk there and catching the train back and also making sure you have the best part of the day spare. But we promise you this, you won’t regret it. The Shaldon to Torquay walk is a wonderful adventure with many places to stop off on the way. Make sure you have your camera ready!

Ness Beach to Morning Walk

You won’t need you hiking shoes but rather your flip flops. A Ness Beach morning walk is nowhere as popular as it should be. Often people stick to Shaldon beach but trust us on this. First thing in the morning on a sunny day on Ness Beach is literally like having paradise to yourself! Furthermore it is dog friendly so your pup can enjoy the morning bliss with you. We couldn’t urge you more to experience this because it really is beautiful down there!


It is best to simply generalise Dartmoor as there really are too many sensational walks. We urge you to get yourself to Dartmoor with your family for the day. The views are unforgettable. There are loads of river walks and moorland hikes, all incredible. Be sure to check the weather forecast and bring your phone fully charged.

Low Tide Coombe Cellars Walk

A little hidden gem of a walk is the low tide Coombe Cellars walk. This is an awesome mini adventure with the reward of a cold pint at the end of the walk (depending on tide times). It is important you know for absolute certainty what the tide times are so you don’t get caught out. You can grab a tide table book from the local store and if you are unsure how to read the tide times you can always ask a local. We recommend the Ferryboat Skippers.