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The benefits of visiting the beach

Why visiting the beach is good for your health and wellbeing

We are blessed with beautiful beaches here in South Devon, and we encourage as many people to visit them as we can when staying in a holiday cottage, Shaldon.

We have already touched on how walking on the beach can be good for you, but did you know some of the other great benefits you can experience when visiting the beach? We have taken a look at some of these below.

Taking in the rays

Many of us get confused when we see that big yellow ball in the sky, as the weather in Great Britain can be very unpredictable. However, when it does make an appearance, the sun can be very beneficial to you, providing you wear the correct sun protection.

Exposing ourselves to the ultraviolet rays found in sunshine provides our bodies with vitamin D, which helps promote strong bones. Your hair and fingernails will also benefit greatly, as they will grow much faster and stronger than they used to. Sunlight can also help our complexions, repairing blemishes that are found on the skin, but do respect the sun and take care not to suffer from overexposure.

Fancy a dip?

Taking a dip in the sea is great exercise, regardless of what activity you take part in, but did you know that sea water can also be very beneficial to your health? The salt and water combination work brilliantly for your skin, as the water dries out your skin and the salt acts as a natural exfoliant which both help your complexion.

The sea also contains levels of silicon, which can help to tone the skin, leaving it looking and feeling much younger. Iodine can also be found in sea water, which helps keep to strengthen your hair and give it an added shine.

Visiting the coast

Being located on the coast means you can gulp in the beautiful coastal air, which contains much higher levels of oxygen than the air found inland. This extra oxygen helps you to feel a sense of rejuvenation, whilst also benefitting your muscles, organs and skin.

A survey also found that people voted the sight of the sea as one of the most stress relieving sights, with watching and hearing the waves break on the shore being a very therapeutic and relaxing experience.

These are just a few ways getting on the beach and in the sea can benefit you, so whilst you’re visiting South Devon, you are safe in the knowledge that Mother Nature is providing you with many great benefits!