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Watersports to do in South Devon

Water sports are fun for all the family and there are tonnes of water sports to get involved with around Teignmouth, which is close to our South Devon Holiday cottages. If you are looking for either a day of fun, or a couple days learning a new skill, this is the place to be.



Whether a novice or an expert at windsurfing there are courses in Teignmouth that provide one on one tuition to help you get to grips with the sport. Teignmouth Bay has fantastic conditions for surfing, and if you are young or old, windsurfing is a fun sport to take part in.


Sailing courses

If you are looking to do a bit of sailing, there are junior, youth and adult courses in dinghy sailing for beginners, and those who are little more advanced you can take part in racing courses too. The courses are held throughout the year so whatever time you are staying in South Devon you can jump in the water!


Kayaking and canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing is a great way to spend time in the water. The area around Teignmouth Bay is a great place for either kayaking or canoeing, it’s up to you which one to do. You can do beginners courses to start you off, and take the whole day having fun with your family or friends.


Stand up paddle boarding

One of the newest crazes in water sports, stand up paddle boarding is fun, easy and a great way to spend the afternoon! Beginners are very welcome; in fact, no previous skill is required and we guarantee you will get hooked on the paddle boarding as soon as you get on the board.



If you are holidaying with a group of family and friends in South Devon, there are activity days covering a variety of water sports that everyone can get involved with from the children to adults. The sessions can be for beginners or skill-based groups and create lots of fun and bit of adventure for you holiday.