View Shaldon from the skies

You might say we’re being a bit biased when we say this, but Shaldon is a particularly beautiful place of the UK!

Shaldon is often described as a hidden gem, tucked away from a lot of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This unique charm makes it a perfect place to come on holiday for those looking for a quieter retreat.

As a traditional fishing village, we are lucky to be surrounded by crystal blue waters, where a gentle stream of boats will make their way in and out of the estuary. 

When the sun is shining, the village has never looked better, and that is exactly what can be seen in this drone footage we have stumbled across.

Robert Leake has captured our fair village from the skies in his three-minute video, showcasing beach, boats and beauty from above. Travelling from Teignmouth to Shaldon over the river, the sights are breath-taking.