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The Top 5 Answers to… What to do in Devon Today?

This article is for all you lovely visitors to Devon. On arrival and during their stay we have so many messages from and chats with our fabulous guests asking exactly what to do in Devon today. So we have decided to put together a little article to tell you our Top 5 Answers to this much-asked question. 


Beach Day & BBQ

You've just check in to your favorite pick of Holiday Cottages in South Devon and it’s a beautiful summers day, well then, there is only one thing for it, and that’s to head straight to the beach! Grab your windshield, bucket and spade and head on down to one of Devon’s many stunning beaches. Whether that’s a secret private cove, stony rock pools to explore or a beautiful stretch of white sand, Devon has it all…And what summertime beach day would be complete without firing up the BBQ, getting out the Pimms jug and finishing off the evening in ‘proper’ Devonshire beachside style.


A True Pub Experience – Devon Style 

Devonians are spoilt when it comes to the amazing choice of eateries around, so whilst you’re in Devon be sure to be a part of it! If you class yourself as a true ‘foodie’ and if you’re asking yourself what to do in Devon today, then heading out to one of our local old school pubs must be on the agenda. We recommend The Rugglestone Inn for one of their delicious Steak and Stilton Pie or The Wild Goose for their Moules Marinières, fries and roasted garlic aioli. If you love a bit of history with old beams and photographs or beautifully kept pub gardens with running streams, then there are so many great foods stops to be made.


Water Sports

With open ocean and many fabulous bays and estuaries, Devon is well known for its water sports scene, may that be scuba diving, sailing, surfing, if it involves getting that all-important vitamin-sea then Devon does it! If you are looking for a fun water-based activity to do today, then be sure to check out WeSup Paddle Board Centre on Torbay Marina and enjoy a chilled out paddle around Torquay’s impressive harbour.


Walking Boots On

If you love to get out and about whilst away and enjoy the wild outdoors, then be sure to tie up those boots and get walking! With miles of breath-taking coastline and tiny villages to stop off and explore, Devon is graced with a large and beautiful stretch of the South West Coastal Path. The coastal path has challenges for all abilities so set yourself up for a real task for the day or just a gentle stroll to jaw-dropping viewpoints.


The City Of Exeter 

Exeter may be a small city but it has a huge amount to offer for a brilliant day out. Exeter is a very historical and attractive city, there are a number of wonderful visitor attractions including its Underground Passages, impressive Cathedral, Roman wall and beautiful Quayside. Or if a day of shopping is what you fancy, then a trip up to Exeter will offer you great independent clothes stores with delicious coffee and cake stops.

Time to explore!

So whether you’ve been to Devon many times and you’re looking for some new experiences, or you’re a complete newcomer to this fabulous land, here are the top 5 answers to ‘What to do in Devon today?’