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Shaldon Zoo has welcomed two new cute monkeys

Two new monkeys have arrived at Shaldon Zoo this month. The Douroucouli monkeys are called Dusk and Dawn, and have settled in well to their new home.

Julie Matthews, who is the Education and Research Officer for Shaldon Wildlife Trust, said: “They have settled in very well here in a mixed exhibit with tree shrews and a mouse deer.”

Douroucouli monkeys are the only nocturnal monkeys in the world, and have the nickname of the owl monkey or night monkey because of this, and also because of their disproportionately large brown eyes.

Their eyes have evolved to adapt to their night life, allowing the monkeys see in almost entirely black and white and are perfect for seeing any movement of the insects they eat. Night monkeys are native to tropical areas in South America.

Another way the Douroucoulis is different to other primates in that it can sound a gong-like booming noise when it is communicating with others. This loud sound carries far. It does also twitter and squeak like other monkeys.

Shaldon Zoo, the home of Shaldon Wildlife Trust, is a lovely attraction and a great place for a day out when staying at our holiday cottages in South Devon, maybe you can catch a glimpse of Dusk and Dawn when you’re there.

Photo by: Tanya Durrant