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Enjoy wine and mead from South Devon

Lyme Bay is a small West Country winery located in South Devon, in the stunning Axe Valley. Their stunning range wines, ciders, meads and more are an example of quality English beverages.

The winery recently produced a new mead, ‘Yore’, made locally in Devon. Using English honey like a traditional mead, the drink has an abv of 4% that is lower than most meads, closer to cider and beer, making it a light and enjoyable drink.

Managing director James Lambert said: “Craft beers and ciders have enjoyed an enormous lift in popularity over the past few years. This is leading to a rising interest in more traditional English drinks, such as mead.”

Usually a heavier drink, mead is popular due the intense flavours it has and the high alcohol content.

Lyme Bay Winery also has fruit wines and sparkling wines available for those who prefer a lighter and sweeter drink. Producing drinks since 2014, the winery continues to have some stunning local wines and beers to enjoy.

Just some of the flavours in these outstanding drinks include strawberry, elderflower, pear, mint and peach.

Why not try some of these spectacular English beverages when staying at our cottages in Shaldon? You can kick back and enjoy an evening lounging in the garden and patio whilst soaking up the setting sun sipping on the local wine, or pop to one the friendly local pubs and have a pint in the beer garden.