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Another Food Blog

So we are blogging about food, yet again. No surprise there, but one big surprise to us is that people are unsure where to head for the best places to experience Devon’s seafood. This could be due to locals trying to keep the local ocean delicacies to themselves

or perhaps you are yet to be pointed in the direction of the mouth-watering taste bud sensation that is Devon’s seafood scene. We have put together a few of our all-time favourites, guaranteed to keep all visitors to Devon satisfied. 


Crab Shack - Teignmouth

Located in the lovely port town of Teignmouth, just a short ferry ride over the estuary from Shaldon is the fabulous Crab Shack. If you're looking for Holiday Cottages in South Devon then this beautifully decorated nautical-themed restaurant serves some of the finest seafood around. With a selection of beautiful caught fish of the day, you can watch the local fishing boats come in with today’s catch. Seating indoor or outside on the beachside this little gem is a winner every time. We personally recommend, The Shack Seafood Platter "Fruits de Mer" and what better way to finish an evening of beautiful flavours than to sit back and enjoy the sun setting over the River Teign.


The Oyster Shack 

Gosh, where to start here… I would go with the Rock Oysters with a selection of toppings. Surprising for some, The Oyster Shack is not located at the beach, instead, it is set up in the glorious hills of Bigbury. A part of the Shacks amazing charm is its history - Wind back just over 30 years and The Shack was originally an oyster farm, seafood brought here from the River Avon would then be cleaned, then Seafood fans would arrive to buy the molluscs, pitching up their deckchairs and enjoying the fresh oysters with bread and a bottle of white wine. Nowadays it still boasts a glorious menu of fresh fish and molluscs easily one of the best places to experience Devon’s seafood.


River Exe Café 

The River Exe Café is all about location – accessible only by boat or your chosen floatation device. This awesome barge-like café sits bobbing in the middle of the River Exe Estuary. With a lovely casual dining feel you can enjoy a delicious meal whilst aboard the floating barge, with a menu of locally caught fish, seafood and other local, seasonal ingredients. Waste away your day or night watching water skiers and wakeboarders wiz past doing impressive tricks up and down the river. When visiting you can catch The Puffin Water Taxi, the taxi departs from Exmouth Marina. 


The Anchor Stone Café

Being located on the bank of the River Dart means that The Anchor Stone Café already has many people sold. Dittisham and Dartmouth are well known for their brilliant seafood scene, and The Anchor Stone Café is no exception. Famous amongst the boating world, this fabulous little café is renowned for its local seafood and great wines, enjoy your meal from the outside terrace with an amazing panoramic view across the River Dart.

Don't miss out on these fantastic places to eat!

Whether you love a fine dining experience, a rustic and ready vibe, or a beachside setting then here you have the best places to experience Devon’s seafood. Comment and tell us your thoughts, we would love to know what you think of our favourites and of course the places you head straight for when you fancy some seriously good seafood.